Where to Play Casino Crash Games Online

Where to Play Casino Crash Games Online

Love the excitement of high multipliers? Looking for a simple game you can learn in minutes that can launch your bankroll to the stars?

If you are a crypto gambler, you probably are already familiar with Crash Games. But if you are not, you may have heard of them or seen them a few times without being sure what they are.

Crash casino games are become steadily more popular, and this rising trend is starting to take off (pun intended) even at online casinos where gamblers play with regular fiat currencies. So, this is a great time to jump in on the trend and experience one of the most exciting games of chance to be invented in recent years!

You’re about to read more about it, but this is “Aviator” being played over at Cloudbet.

In this post, we will explain exactly what Crash games are and how they work. We will then talk about Crash strategies, and wrap up by recommending some top online casinos that are offering Crash games now. In fact, you can scroll straight to our suggestions if you are ready to start playing now!

What are Crash Games?

Crash games stem from the crypto world. Since then, they have started cropping up in other places.

The most famous Crash game is the crypto game “Bustabit.” This game promotes itself as “the original Crash game,” and to our knowledge it is indeed the one that kicked off this entire phenomenon.

When you load a Crash game, you will see a line rising with an exponential curve. There will also be a large number displayed on the screen. This number ticks steadily upward, and is a multiplier.

This multiplier means precisely what you think. If you are in the game with an active bet, that multiplier applies to your wager.

If you cash out, the multiplier determines how much you win. But if the line “crashes” before you make your move to exit, then your whole wager is forfeit.

When can that crash happen? At any time. Not surprisingly though, it happens quickly more often than not (i.e. within seconds).

Crash games often involve a little graphic of an airplane, a rocket, or so on at the top of the line.

But the easiest way to grasp what Crash is all about is actually just to think about the crypto markets.

Holding crypto is a long-term game. With its volatile ups and downs, people who participate often need to be ready to hold for years if they want to see potentially massive gains.

But because of that volatility, a crypto asset may crash catastrophically at any time. And while many cryptos climb back over time, others never do.

So, in a way, this game echoes that experience, but as a fast-paced casino game.

As the line and the multiplier rise, that is like watching a crypto gaining in value. You try and hang in there in the hopes of getting rich.

But you have to decide at some point to get out and take profit. If you wait too long, that uptrend will crash on you, and you will lose what you bet.

While Crash games are a huge deal at a lot of crypto casinos, they also have become quite popular with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) players who gamble their skins and coins.

We are just starting to see regular online casinos that accept fiat currencies and/or a combination of fiat and cryptocurrencies start offering Crash variations as well. Over the coming months and years, we think that the obsession with Crash games will only continue to grow and spread.

Key Point: Crash is a game wherein players wait as long as they think they can before cashing out while a multiplier rises. But the game is programmed to “crash” at a random time. Players who are still in when that happens will lose their wagers.

Why Play the Casino Crash Game?

Here are a few reasons you are going to love playing Crash games:

Easy to learn.

It only takes a moment to get how this game works and to start playing.

Easy to play.

Crash is no more complicated to play than it is to learn. All you really need to do is decide on your wager sizes and choose when to try and cash out your potential winnings.

The illusion of control.

Crash is a random game. While it is important that you know that, it can still be fun to enjoy the illusion that you are in the pilot’s seat. Because you have a decision to make every second that you are in play, the experience is deeply engaging in a way that a slot or roulette wheel may not be.

Tension and excitement.

The thrill involved in Crash is massive, because you have no idea what is going to happen in the next nanosecond. The stakes rise higher and higher as you wait, resulting in mounting tension.

The chance to win massive payouts.

Multipliers for Crash may sometimes rise into the hundreds or even the thousands. Even with a relatively small wager, that means you have the potential to win a major payout. And now just imagine if you make a large wager how much you could win!

Make large or small wagers.

Speaking of wager sizes, Crash games often allow you a pretty wide range for stake sizes. At the lower end, you might bet something like 50 cents USD. At the upper end, you may be able to put hundreds of dollars on the line.

Cool graphics and themes.

If you enjoy aerospace themes in particular, you will probably love Crash. While some games offer different themes, planes and rockets are most popular.

Avoid malicious or scammy scripts.

For the original Bustabit game specifically, you can actually purchase scripts to play the game “strategically” for you. These scripts are often based on fallacious premises, and do nothing but waste your money. Some of them also are packed with malware. Just by playing Crash games at reputable and safe online casinos instead, you steer clear of all of this.

Enjoy Provably Fair games.

Some online casinos offer Provably Fair Crash games.

The trendiest crypto game.

Crash is all the rage right now, and who wants to miss out?

In fact, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a big issue when it comes to cryptos, where we are seeing a lot of people buying up cryptocurrencies purely because they are worried they will miss out on their chance to get rich.

FOMO is not really a good reason to go investing a lot of money in crypto (there are a lot of great reasons, but that just is not one of them).

So, one more reason to try playing Crash is that it might help you get some of that FOMO urge out of your system in a safer, more moderate way.

You can experience something of the excitement of the crypto markets in a simulated fashion with small, controlled stakes. And you still have a chance to win big!

How to Play Crash Games

You already should have a pretty good idea of how to play Crash from the explanation we gave of what this game is and how it works. But let’s go over the steps:

Open an account at an online casino that offers a Crash game (see our recommendations later in this article), and load the game.
Choose how much you want to wager.
Some games may offer you an auto cash-out option. You can input a value for this option that will cash you out automatically (assuming the game does not just crash before it hits that value, of course).
Start the game. The line will begin to rise, along with the multiplier.
Cash out whenever you are ready!

Pretty simple, right?

Let’s give an example of how the multipliers work.

Picture a scenario where you make a $2 wager. The line begins rising. When the multiplier reaches 4.5x, you decide it is time to cash out. You win $9.

Now, picture if you had stayed in longer, and the graph still did not crash. The line keeps rising, and the multiplier hits 16.8x. You decide to cash out. You win $33.60.

What if you waited even longer, and the multiplier rose as high as 124x before you cashed out? Then you would win $248. That is amazing, considering you only put $2 on the line.

You get the idea—and how it can be really hard to bring yourself to click the “Cash Out” button when you know the line could continue to rise!

Now, imagine you are a high roller! Say you are not betting $2, but $200.

If the multiplier rises to even something as small as 1.2x, you would be able to win $240!

If you stay in longer and it reaches something a much higher amount, you could find yourself swimming in cash!

For example, maybe the multiplier is at 26.2x when you cash out. You have won $5,240!

Now let’s say the multiplier made it up to 321x. If you cash out at that point, your winnings would total $64,200!

You can see why this game is so appealing!

Take a look at these images from Cafe Casino’s hot game, “Thundercrash”.

First, they’ll tell you the (super easy) rules…

Then they’ll have you choose the avatar you’d like to be…

Followed up by winning yourself some dough!

What is the Crash Game House Edge?

As far as we are able to tell from our research, the house edge for the crash casino game depends on the specific game you are playing. Some have higher or lower house edges than others. The most important thing to know is simply that there is a house edge, and this is always true, without exception. In every single case, the house has the advantage on you. While you might win big now and again, over time, the house will take you.

What Strategies Can You Use for Crash Games?

A lot of different strategies have been proposed for Crash Games. Some of them have some utility, while others do not.

Here are a couple of things you do need to understand about Crash:

Ultimately, the house wins, as we just discussed. The game is logarithmically structured that way. The exact moments when the crash occurs are not predictable. They are randomized.

With that in mind, let’s go over a few strategies that are and are not helpful.

Possibly Helpful Crash Strategies

Keep Betting Sizes Flat and Small

You may not be able to strategically determine when the graph will crash on each round, but you can still manage your money intelligently to extend your bankroll.

The trick to doing this with Crash is the same as it is for slots, roulette, blackjack, or any other casino game.

Just pick a low amount that you are comfortable betting every time, and stick with it.

So, let’s say your bankroll is $200. You could make sure you are always placing flat wagers of $4.

That way, you can lose a lot of rounds before you burn through your entire bankroll. That means plenty of fun before you have to quit for the day.

Get Out Fast Every Time

Another strategy that might be useful in playing Crash is simply to get out as fast as possible once the multiplier goes above 1x.

What is the purpose of this? Well, even though the crash times/multiplier amounts are randomized, one thing that is obviously not going to happen is the graph rising frequently to a really high multiplier.

Think about it. If the graph could consistently be counted on to regularly rise up above 20x, who would bother getting out at 2x? It would always make sense to hold out. At the same time, who would hold out until 20x if they knew they would almost never get stopped out at 15x? They would just keep exiting at 15x, and raking in big profits.

That is why most of the time, the crash is super fast. It is the players who are always trying to hang in there the longest who tend to end up getting stopped out the most, losing their wagers.

All those lost bets add up, even if they are small. Over time, they will outpace wins, even if those occasional wins are large. Plus, in many cases, holding out for big wins will just end up blowing an entire bankroll before one ever sees a payout.

If you are able to get out insanely fast every time the multiplier goes above 1.0x, hypothetically, you might get a large number of micro wins.

Your bankroll may last longer if you play this way, and at times, you might have streaks that lead to gradual gains.

Just do not forget that with enough iterations, you will lose to the house.

Unhelpful Crash Strategies

Anything Based on the Gambler’s Fallacy

The Gambler’s Fallacy is a cognitive bias which states:

If event X has been happening with increased frequency lately, it will soon happen with decreased frequency.
If event X has been happening with decreased frequency lately, it will soon happen with increased frequency.

There are a lot of “strategies” for slots, roulette, and other games of chance that are based on the false belief that the Gambler’s Fallacy is an accurate description of reality. Naturally, there are also sometimes strategies or scripts for Crash that likewise are based on this fallacy.

Strategies like these look for patterns in previous results in an attempt to determine the moment that the next round will crash.

Some of them also are based on the reverse of the Gambler’s Fallacy:

If event X has been happening with increased frequency lately, it will continue happening with increased frequency in the near future.
If event X has been happening with decreased frequency lately, it will continue happening with decreased frequency in the near future.

As an example, one strategy might be to monitor your outcomes over time, and then try and choose multipliers for getting out that the game recently managed to surpass before crashing. After all, a “pattern” shows you that these are “safe” options.

But the reason that you cannot use this strategy effectively is that there is no connection between your next outcome and your last one, or any of your previous outcomes with each other.

They are all what is known as “independent trials.” This is also the case with roulette, slots, and other games have pure chance.

That is why neither the Gambler’s Fallacy nor its opposite make any sense. They are both based on a foundational assumption that each trial is casually linked to the last and the next.

Going back to our “Aviator” image from Cloudbet, if you look closely you can see that it is possible for the multiplier to hit 36.62, 83.09, or even 165.85!

Any Progressive Betting System

Another popular “strategy” for playing Crash is using a progressive betting system to manage wager sizes. Although there are a number of progressive betting systems out there, the most popular one for this game is the Martingale system.

The basic idea is simple: every time you lose a bet, you double your stake. Once you win, you reset back to your original wager size and continue betting.

Why would this work? Hypothetically, you will eventually win. When you do, that win will be enormous, making up for all the losses you accumulated to reach it, plus giving you an extra profit on top.

So, why do we recommend you never use it? The reason is that the assumption underlying the Martingale system is that you have an infinite bankroll.

If you did, you could win this war of attrition. But since you do not, you are going to burn through your bankroll with increasing speed. In these circumstances, it does not even take a large losing streak to wipe you out.

So, not only will you lose using the Martingale system while playing Crash, you will do it quickly. That is the last thing you want if you plan to have an enjoyable gambling session. So, keep with the flat betting system we advised before. Then you will have more chances to win.

Top Recommended Sites for Playing Crash Games Online

Now that you are familiar with Crash games and some strategies that do and do not work, you are no doubt ready to try and launch yourself toward riches. But where can you play Crash? Below are some recommended casino sites that are offering thrilling Crash games.


As a fully crypto-based casino site, Cloudbet has knocked our socks off with their Provably Fair games and massive bonuses up to 5 BTC just for opening an account and making your first deposit! Lest you think Cloudbet is only for the high rollers though, think again—the minimum deposit is just .001 BTC.

Cloudbet has opened an entire Provably Fair Crypto Arcade, which you can navigate to in the casino section of the website. Among the games offered in the Arcade is the casino’s flagship title, “Aviator.”

Aviator is simply Cloudbet’s take on Crash. The appearance is that of the typical rising graph, but in keeping with the theme, the graphic features an airplane flying ever higher while the multiplier ticks up.

The minimum bet size listed is 0.10 EUR, and the maximum bet size listed is 250 EUR. The largest amount of money you can win with just one wager is 25,000 EUR.

Cloudbet offers a lot of information in the Betting Window and Round History. You can see both your own recent history of coefficients, as well as data for all players collectively. That way, if you want to use that data as part of your betting strategy, you can.

There is also a chat window integrated into the game so that you can talk to other people playing Aviator.

Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino has been around since 2004, and has consistently offered us a fantastic gambling experience. You can deposit either crypto or fiat currencies.

If you make a regular fiat deposit, Cafe Casino will give you a 250% match on your initial deposit up to $1,500. If you deposit crypto, that rises to a 350% match as high as $2,500.

This site is also home of the “Weekly Mystery Bonus.” Cafe Casino explains, “You’ll never know what bonus amount to expect (that’s why we call them a mystery!), but one thing is certain, a new bonus will land in your Cafe Casino Perks dashboard every Thursday.”

There is also a Perks program you can participate in at Cafe Casino, which allows you to earn rewards as you play.

Like Cloudbet, Cafe Casino offers an Arcade section. In that section, you will discover a game called Thundercrash.

Here is how the site introduces this cool game:

“Thundercrash is an epic blast into space! Step onto a thrilling inter-galactic flight through the final frontier where your mission is to soar high and stay flying for as long as possible. The higher you fly, the bigger your winnings, as the multiplier rockets alongside your ship. Your objective is to cash out before a comet, asteroid or other space rock collides with zero warning. Talk about edge-of-your-seat action!”

This exciting introduction is well deserved, because this is a really fabulous version of Crash. Instead of the standard graph with the line, there are traditional arcade graphics of a spaceship taking off and flying among comets, satellites, planets, and other objects in space. In, fact, this is by far the most sophisticated interface we have seen for this game.

The minimum bet size for Thundercrash is $0.50. The maximum payout possible is $100,000.


Our next recommendation is Bovada Casino. This site hardly needs an introduction, since they have arguably been the biggest US-facing casino and sportsbook online since they opened shop clear back in 1994. They continue to be one of our favorite casinos sites for their huge game selection, reliable customer service, fast and easy deposits and withdrawals, and all-around dependability.

Bovada offers the same Thunder Crash game that you can play at Cafe Casino. That hardly makes them redundant however, because they offer their own set of exciting bonuses and promotions.

When you sign up to play on Bovada’s casino, you can claim a $3,000 Casino Welcome Bonus. If you deposit bitcoin, that turns into a $3,750 Welcome Bonus. Enjoy poker too? Make sure to grab the 100% Poker Welcome Bonus. And pick up a $250 Sports Welcome Bonus if you like betting on sports as well!


Also offering the Thundercrash game is Slots.lv. Even though the name implies that this site is focused mostly around slots, the game variety here is actually considerable. And once again, it is worth opening an account here as well to grab more exciting promos as you enjoy the Thundercrash game.

In fact, this site offers some of the most competitive welcome bonuses around. When you make your first deposit, you can snag a 200% Match Bonus up to $1,000. You can then grab a 100% Match Bonus up to $500 on your next eight deposits. All of this totals up to $5,000 in welcome cash!

Depositing crypto? On your first deposit, you can get a 300% Match Bonus up to $1,500. On the next eight, you can claim a 150% match bonus up to $750!

You also can participate in the MySlots Rewards Program. Earn points as you play and redeem them for cash.

Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino is offering Thundercrash at this time too. This is not a surprise since the Bovada team (who, incidentally, run Slots.lv as well) operate Ignition Casino.

When you sign up at Ignition, you can get a Poker & Casino Welcome Bonus which provides you with a 200% match up to $2,000. The crypto bonus for signing up is 300% up to $3,000. Additional bonuses available at Ignition Casino include the Weekly Poker Freeroll and the Weekly Match Bonus Code. There is also a Crypto Weekly Boost Bonus. So, all of those promos make it well worth it to open an account on Ignition Casino to play Thundercrash.

Experience the Rush of Casino Crash Games Now

Crash games are one of the hottest things in the world of crypto betting right now, and we are starting to see this trend take off beyond crypto too.

Few experiences at the casino can rival the excitement of watching your multiplier soaring into the stratosphere!

If you are ready to try your luck at cashing out some epic winnings, click on any of the links in this post to visit our top recommended online casinos for playing casino Crash games.

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