Different Versions of Teen Patti Are Out There

Different Versions of Teen Patti Are Out There

If you read our previous article titled “Andar Bahar”, you will remember that as being a total game of chance, taking approximately 47 seconds to master.

While Teen Patti is very similar in the aspect that it’s a total game of chance, of course, there are some slight differences. Otherwise, they would just be called the same name, right?

This game is starting to pop up at our favorite casinos, and as long as our friends over in Southern Asia keep giving us new games to play, we want to make sure you know exactly what it is you’re getting into!

There are actually 2 versions of this available as you look around at the best online casinos, Teen Patti Rapid and Teen Patti Pro. Both of these games are super simple and will therefore be quick to explain, so let’s hit up both of them at once!

First, we’ll talk about Teen Patti Rapid, and then we’ll talk about the best places to play these games, followed up by Teen Patti Pro. So keep on scrolling and let’s get started!

Teen Patti Rapid

Now, as mentioned, there’s not a whole lot for you to do here.

As you can see from the image below, when you come into the game you have one “slot” available on the table. You’re simply going to decide how much you would like to wager, click the “deal” button, and hope for the best!

The table the way you’ll see it when arriving at Cafe Casino.

Once you hit the deal button, 3 cards will be dealt out. This is where you hope they’re in your favor. There will be no more cards to come out, what you get is what you get.

What you are hoping to see with your cards is a simple 3-card poker hand with the following payout table.

Pair – 2:1
Flush – 5:1
Straight – 6:1
3 of a Kind – 30:1
Straight Flush – 50:1

And there you go! As you can see, since we’re only dealing with 3 cards, there is no ‘4 of a Kind’, there is no ‘Full House’, nothing that is going to require more than the 3 cards that you would find in a traditional poker hand.

Let’s see it in action just so you know for sure what’s going on!

My losing hand.
It happens!

Taking a look at the image above, you’ll see that I just lost. Got dealt out the 3 of Hearts, the 8 of Hearts, and the 9 of Clubs. These cards have squat to do with each other.

Moving on, I got dealt out the 8 of Clubs, the 10 of Clubs, and the Queen of Clubs to make a Flush, paying out at 5:1. Nice!

Hey, alright!
Winning hand!

Don’t like pictures or still have any questions? Let’s take a look at this video where we played 14 hands of Teen Patti Rapid for you and we’ll talk about each of these!

Teen Patti Rapid Details

As you can see from the video above, we played 14 hands and started off at $25 per hand. You’ll notice that at least on your first hand, you cannot just click your bet and go. You must actually pick your bet and drag it over to the playfield.

As for our hands themselves, this is the way they all played out:

$25 – 8C, 5C, 4S (losing hand)
$25 – AH, 10C, 5S (losing hand)
$25 – KC, 10D, 7C (losing hand)
Rebet – 9C, 4H, 3D (losing hand)
Rebet – 9C, 8D, 2D (losing hand)
Rebet – QD, JD, 10C (Straight, win $150)
Rebet x 2 (now $50) 10S, 9C, 7S (losing hand)
Rebet x 2 (now $100) AC, 3C, 2S (Straight, win $600)
Rebet x 2 (now $200) QC, JC, 3C (Flush, win $1,000)
Rebet x 2 (now $400) AH, KS, 6C (losing hand)
Rebet – KC, 9H, 8H (losing hand)
Rebet – AS, 9D, 6H (losing hand)
Bet $500 – 10D, 10C, 2H (Pair, win $1,000
Rebet – QC, 10H, 5C, (losing hand)

Looking at these hands above and the way that they all played out, you can see that it is absolutely possible to win some cash as long as you play smart and make sure that you’re not gambling more than you can afford and knowing when it’s time to quit and walk away. We were only racking up those bets to show you how it was done!

Now that that’s out of the way, you now know all you need to know about playing Teen Patti Rapid! As discussed at the top there, let’s talk about the best places you can play this game, as well as the Pro version, and then we’ll get right into how to play that!


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And now let’s talk about Teen Patti Pro!

Teen Patti Pro

Now, this is going to be close to the Rapid game that we have gone over but with a difference.

Going into Teen Patti Pro you will see that there are 3 main bets that can be made. You’ve got “Player”, “Dealer”, and “Split”.

Choosing one of these bets and hitting the “deal” button will immediately deal out 6 cards on the table, 3 to the ‘player’, and 3 to the ‘dealer’. You will not get any more cards, like the “Rapid” version, what you get is what you get.

Whether you choose to bet on the player or the dealer will decide on the outcome. What you’re looking for is the best 3-card poker hand. Is the player going to get it or is the dealer going to get it? That’s all! It’s another game of total chance just with more cards coming out at once.

See “Teen Patti Rapid” above for the best 3-card poker hands. These are what you are looking for.

Teen Patti

This is what the table looks like when you go from “Rapid” to “Pro” over at Cafe Casino.

If you were to place one of these bets and manage to come out a winner the game will payout 1.9:1 and that’s what the payout is for these bets. It does not matter what kind of hand you won with. Could be a straight flush, could be a pair of 2’s, could be a 9.

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Something else you can do is place a bet on the “Split” which means that you are betting that the 2 hands that are dealt out will be exactly the same. Now obviously, this would be a hard one to pull off but in turn, pays out an incredible 865:1!

Teen Patti

I had bet on the “player” and lost out to the dealer. However, I had placed a side bet on the player for a pair, still winning!

If you decide that you would like to place any of these bets, you only get to pick one. You cannot, for example, place one bet on the player and a little side bet on the split.

Fear not! You do have some side bets though!

The Side Bets

For your side bets, you can bet on either the player or the dealer and place the following wagers.

A pair – pays 5.65:1
Flush – pays 18.5:1
Straight – pays 30:1
3 of a Kind – pays 405:1
Straight Flush – pays 440:1

You cannot place more than one wager on the player or the dealer but you can place one on each if you want to maximize these bets! With some of those payouts, especially for the 3 of a Kind and the Straight Flush, (440:1!) it would be kind of silly not to!

Let’s take a look at a video of Teen Patti Pro. With this one, we’ll keep all of our bets at $25.

The very first thing you’ll do is choose what color background you would like to play on. We went with blue because it’s easier on our eyes but ultimately this choice isn’t going to matter at all. Then it’s betting time!

You’ll notice at the very beginning that you can drag your bets around all you want and it doesn’t matter. You only get to choose “Player”, “Split”, or “Dealer”, that’s the way it is.

And then we went through X bets here. Let’s look at each one of the hands individually and the bets that were made.

First hand – bet on Player

With this hand, we bet on the player and these are the cards that were dealt:
Player | QC, QD, JD
Dealer | JH, 9H, 2C
This gave the player a pair while the dealer just came up with a Jack-high.
Winner = Player $47.50

Second hand – bet on Player

Going into our second hand where we bet on the player, everyone was dealt:
Player | 8H, 5C, 2H
Dealer | 5S, 5H, 4H
Here the dealer came up with a pair of 5’s that, yes, beat the players 8-high.
Winner = Dealer (losing hand)

Third hand – bet on Player

After the cards got dealt out, this is what the player and dealer had:
Player | AS, KD, 8D
Dealer | QC, 6D, 5H
This left the player with an Ace-high which isn’t good, but is good enough to beat a Queen-high!
Winner = Player $47.50

Fourth hand – bet on Split

The cards that came out:
Player | 9D, 4H, 3S
Dealer | JS, 6D, 2S
Those are both pretty crappy hands, but let’s face it. A Jack will beat a 9 any old day of the week!
Winner = Dealer (losing hand)

Fifth hand – bet on Dealer

The cards that came out:
Player | 10S, 5S, 4H
Dealer | QH, JH, 2S
Again, there are a couple of unattractive hands, but the dealers’ Queen is going to beat the players 10!
Winner = Dealer $47.50

Sixth hand – bet on Dealer

The cards that came out:
Player | AC, 7H, 5D
Dealer | KS, 7S, 3D
Again, there are a couple of ugly hands, but the player Ace takes down the dealer King.
Winner = Player (losing hand)

Seventh hand – bet on Player

You’ll notice that this time we’re going to spice it up just a little and do some side betting action!

As you click on the “Player” or the “Dealer” options on the side to open these side bets you’ll see that you can only place one of these bets! For this hand we went ahead and threw an extra 5 bucks at the “Player – Pair” option, meaning that if the player does in fact get a pair, that’s a winning bet no matter the outcome of the rest of the hand.

We also continued with the $25 bets, this time placed on the player.

The cards that came out:
Player | 9S, 9D, 6S
Dealer | QD, JD, JS
Now we’re seeing some action here with both parties coming up with pairs. Unfortunately, we bet on the player, and the dealer won, however, we had a pair side bet on the player that came out!
Winner = Dealer (losing hand)
With the winning Side Bet = $28.25

Eighth hand – bet on Player

For this one we just did a “rebet”, so we’re still betting on the player as well as still having the “pair” side bet.
The cards that came out:
Player | JD, 10D, 6H
Dealer | AS, KH, JC
Some high cards there, but the dealer still takes it with their Ace high.
Winner = Dealer (losing hand)

Ninth hand – bet on Split

We’re changing our bets a little here and placing some stupid bets. With this hand, we’re betting $25 on the split as well as a side bet of a buck on the dealer having a three of a kind. We want to show you that it could be done if you want to behave like a lunatic!
The cards that came out:
Player | AH, QS, 4C
Dealer | AC, KH, QC
Oh look at that. We lost. Kind of silly however, it all came down to a King versus a 4.
Winner = Dealer (losing hand)

Tenth hand – bet on Split

Again, re-betting and placing the same stupid bet of the split as well as a side bet of a three of a kind for the dealer.
The cards that came out:
Player | AD, 8S, 5C
Dealer | AC, KD, 5H
Dealer’s going to take it away with their Ace-King.
Winner = Dealer (losing hand)

Eleventh hand – bet on Dealer

Hitting that “Re-bet” option. To be honest, we have no idea why we were still placing this bet. Don’t do what we’re doing!
Player | QD, JD, 2C
Dealer | 9C, 9D, 2H
Dealer’s taking it away with their pair of 9’s
Winner = Dealer (losing hand)

Twelfth hand – bet on Dealer

With this hand, clarity took over and we placed a “better bet”, going back to betting on the dealer.
The cards that came out:
Player | 10S, 8C, 6H
Dealer | AH, KD, 7H
And it paid off with the dealer winning with their Ace-high.
Winner = Dealer $47.50

With that, we really cannot think of much else to say about Teen Patti Pro.


These are obviously games of nothing but pure chance here.

There is no skill needed here to have a good time. Those of you who are into the slots and the like may have a blast! These tables are a great place to hang out if you get tired of watching the reels spin for a bit on your favorite slot machines.

So, go on ahead, deposit a little cash and hang out and relax! Keep on hitting that re-bet button and if the RNG Gods decide to smile in your favor you just may be walking out the big winner!

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Author: Christian Jenkins